Lanaz Refinery is a fully equipped, high capacity refinery built in 2008  in Kurdistan Region. The most important difference of Lanaz from other opponents is the top qualified experts and the experience in the field. Facility has an area of 1.000.000 m2 and a total storage area of 250.000m3.there are totally production units.daily bitumen production is 3600 tons.

Our facility has the 100,000 barrel / day crude oil process capacity and 15.000 ton / day discharge capacity. It has been producing high quality petroleum products through the establishment of the plant.

The refinery is manufacturing at the high quality performance with regularly conducted checks and reinforces the staff technical knowledge and skills with continuous training. Thus, expertise in production is being transferred to new generation young engineers.

There are 23 product loading platforms in total. Daily loading capacity is 25.000 tons (this capacity and the number of platforms will increase with ongoing projects).

By the end of 2021,our new project,high – octane gasoline refinery will be activated.

Lanaz Refinery