Our Mission

Denksoft announces its achievements and goals for its work with instant notifications from social media channels. We are aiming to be more successful by taking our success and our quality to the next level with Nebim Software. We work with very professional companies in the field of software. We keep our service quality at the top level with special offers to the retail sector, hospitals, hotels, restaurants – cafes, large scale production companies. Our goal is to provide better quality and trouble-free bottoms at your service. Customer satisfaction has always been our prime principle. Some of the software companies we work with are shown below. Extra requests and suggestions are evaluated.

Gizsoft continues to shed light on your business. Besides ERP, POS, E-Transformation and our many more practical solution suggestions, we offer you special solutions.

Nebim Software – Merchandising Wholesale and Retail Software

Gemsoft Hospital Software

Thalamus Laboratory Automation

DaraPlus Hotel, Café and Restourant Software