Gizsoft Store ERP Program

Gizsoft Store ERP Program

Gizsoft Store ERP Program


We listen to requests of our customers thanks to customizable structure as Giz ERP, after that we adapt our system to your business according to requests. In Erbil / Iraq, we give you this service and you can call us whenever you want.


Special for You

7 / 24 and Working in Every Place

FusionERP has integrated, independent sector, flexibility compatible with firms, different structures. It is institutional source planning solution which has been developed with the experience of long years. FusionERP which has been developed to ensure you can manage the business process effectively with the more appropriate costs and easier in managements enhances dynamic which coordinates all of the business and integrated business process. It includes such as retailing, logistics, product planning, production, purchasing, accounting, finance, pricing, human resources management, document management, service after sale, chain store management, franchise shop management and importation management in its standard structure.

FusionERP gives your management best service and all your processes are with %100 integrated, high performances and minimum investment cost. Now this service is available in Erbil / Iraq

7 / 24 and Working in Every Place

It is possible that you can integrate the personal, correspondent, customer and your suppliers easily and fast thanks to FusionERP flex basis.

Get rid of Equipment and Infrastructure Investments

FusionERP can be installed to many operating system thanks to its infrastructure. FusionERP which has been designed by thinking flex and big company infrastructure enable to be used present computer infrastructure. So, it annihilates imputed costs. Besides, it ensures an important flexibility to decrease the maintenance costs of system in possible infrastructure and equipment alterations.

Get rid of Process Sophistication

FusionERP collect business process data of your business in a single source, prevent the sophistication which can show up from using different software and enable to manage your business efficiently. This service is available now in Erbil / Iraq

Fast Business Process

After your present work flow is optimized with FusionERP, it minimizes your data input process with its integrated structure. You can spare time your strategic planning thanks to accelerated business process by minimizing. FusionERP ensures data flow from single source among managements.  You can reach your reports safely and immediately thanks to that.



You can produce reports peculiar to your company with the FusionERP special reporting. It can produce reports away from technical mess thanks to its understandable and simple structure. You can analyze your process in your business fast.


Note: gives services with refund guarantees. You can work with us with great reliance.