What is ERP Solutions?


Daraplus is a software which earned its spurs for cafe and restaurant programs. It was developed too much about hotel softwares and shop softwares. Daraplus has been working with too many big companies across the country.

Prescription Production Module


Order Follow up by Handheld Terminal

Touch screen Ordering

Order from Web to Kitchen

Cash and Expense Tracking

Customer Registration

Courier Tracking

Customer Information System

Waiter/Waitress Tracking of Dara Restaurant Automation is designed for your business’ operation to be more remunative.

It provides you a faster and more efficient service for “order and check system”, and your waiters/waitresses, thus, it provides a faster service for customers. In the system, customers’ orders are taken by a central terminal or a handheld terminal with a touch screen.

The taken orders are transferred directly to the main computer system simultaneously. In the main computer system, foods,beverages or any other defined departments can be printed from related printers automatically.

You can add foods’ images, which are in the restaurant menu, to your system. You can also track your takeaway orders as well. You can control the flow of your waiting or sent packages by using “courier receipt tracking”.


Hospitals have to use professional software because a wrong operation of a patient means a disaster for that hospital. In this consciousness of responsibility, the hospital program should be very professional and should not give any errors.

So you have to work with qualified people. From 1990’s until this day, we succeded great achievements as Gemsoft. We had been improved our success in Turkey and foreign countries. It is a company that has proven itself in the international market with the products it developed by time and provides its success with its own software.

By using today’s technology in the most beautiful ways ,we are a company that keeps pace with the existing and developing internet. Gemsoft software owes its success to its strong staff and in a very short period of time, this success has reached a large customer base. Gemsoft provides online service to our esteemed customers with instant technical support.

HIMS (Hospital Information Management System), a specially prepared software for hospitals has presented the success of hospital automation to its users. It proved this with the preferences of big hospitals that have made a name in the health sector.

Finance and accounting modules have been added to the Gemsoft program to make it more efficient for companies. Gemsoft is expanding its successes day by day and serving in different branches with many modules. In addition, Gemsoft has further improved its software by adding branches such as in-between departments relations, purchasing&cost and profit&loss.

Gemsoft has acquired a very large place in Turkish hospitals. And pleased to announce this success in the Iraqi region to serve the hospitals there as well. In this success, as being Denk soft, we will make every effort to introduce and advertise Gemsoft software.

We believe that we will find solutions to all problems in the Iraqi region with Denksoft. Denksoft is operating in many cities of Iraqi region. In this regard, we aim to add strength by exhibiting focused works on customer satisfaction.


Gizsoft, has managed to reach many more customers by expanding its success abroad from Turkey and now showing up in Romania, Italy, Azerbaijan, Sudan Arabia, now in the IRAQ region.
As Denk Soft, technical support for the installation of the Giz Soft Program in Iraq Regionwide is given by us to grow this success exponentially. As the main agent of the Iraqi Region, we provide all kinds of technical support services in the whole Iraqi region.
We have dealers Zaho, Duhok, Kirkuk, Süleymaniye, Mosul, Erbil, Bagdat and Tikrit. Based on customer satisfaction, we offer 3 years of experience in the Iraqi region to the service of Iraqi people. We think that we will go even further with our customers’ references with our quality and turnkey business. We do turn-key job from providing technical equipment till stock management. Let’s examine what do we have in this Gizsoft software.
Online&Offline Study Especially in the Iraqi region, there are many problems related to the Internet. As a solution to this, Gizsoft has developed the Offline Module. What does this Offline module means and what does it do. You can always get your sales and refund it even you don’t have your internet. An unmatched opportunity for stores that customer wants to buy a product but it seems that you have to say that when you do not have internet the customer system can not bill you.
Here with Gizsoft this problem stays in the past and full-time sales are occurring.
– You will be able to instant reach to your website and mobile app reporting sales via the internet. There is very professional reporting about how many of you have made crooks, which products are sold, and what are not.
– Authorization can give you very detailed scheduling if you do not want all the staff to have special authorization ratings.
– You can set targets about setting up store, manager or staff , increasing sales, upgrading the quality of your staff, and prepare reports for these goals.
– You can transfer the product you want at instant or certain periods by in-between branch transferring. Besides these, there are many other offering features.
We can also visit you to give more detailed information about on-site presentations and Gizsoft software.